On the basis of Law on copyrights (Zakona o avtorskih in sorodnih pravicah -ZASP) T.P.G. logistika, mednarodna špedicija in transport, d.o.o. is the owner of copyrights on contents giving the word in broadest meaning (teksts, photos, sketches, maps, blueprints, audio-video material, software) which can be seen on web site

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By way of exception it is allowed to reproduce a copyright work on basis of right of the public to be informed, educational purposes and in illustration, confrontation and instruction in form of quotation. These exceptions are allowed with the law (ZASP, articls 48, 49, 51) with a commitment to quote the source and authorship of a work. According to article 50 of the law ZASP, copyright work can be also used and reproduced in a limited extent for private non-commercial use.



CompanyT.P.G. logistika, mednarodna špedicija in transport, d.o.o. automatically gathers data about web site application, especially about site visits such as how many visitors the web site has per day, how long they stay on certain site. This data don’t allow insight into personal data of visitors. Company uses data about visits of site for its own purposes.

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CompanyT.P.G. logistika, mednarodna špedicija in transport, d.o.o. commits itself to take care in good faith and within its capabilities information on the web site will be correct and current.

Nevertheless the company doesn’t exclude possibility of errors in the contents of the web site. Therefore information published on the web site is of an informative nature because company can’t take full responsibility for its absolute accuracy.

Neither the company T.P.G. logistika, mednarodna špedicija in transport, d.o.o. nor any other person or legal person that cooperated or cooperates with TPG in creating this web site can be responsible for detriment, lost profit or non financial detriment, which could arise from using or not being able to use the web site.

The company shall endeavour to provide the optimal operation of the web site; however it takes no responssibillity for detriment, lost profit or non financial detriment, which could arise from interruptions in web site operating.

The company reserves the right to change the content of this web site at any time without prior notice.



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In case of violation of the terms and conditions we will be forced to take measures against the person who violated the law.



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