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Providing reliable and professional assistance - from the arrival to the departure of a vessel.
About us

Focus on the client's wants and needs

TPG represents a number of worldwide shipping companies operating in the Port of Koper and the ports of Rijeka and Bar. Our dedicated and professional team is available 24/7, enabling the fast and effective arrival and departure of all types of cargo and vessels.

By keeping up to date with local regulations and forging strong business relationships with local institutions, we are able to organise and finalise all the necessary formalities as per our client’s instructions – quickly and flawlessly.

Our services

Maritime agency

With many years of experiences as a maritime agency, we are perfectly placed to offer a reliable service tailored to our client’s needs. We offer the following services:

  • Promoting and marketing ship capacity,
  • Handling of all types of cargo on a vessel’s arrival and departure, chartering services,
  • Organising special cargo transportation,
  • Supervising a transport company’s equipment,
  • Assisting with providing services related to vessel refuelling, vessel lubrication, etc…,
  • Representing shipping companies and the captain of a vessel,
  • Providing services to crews (medical assistance, taxi services, organising disembarkation and embarkation),
  • Mechancial assistance for vessels,
  • Changing of the crew, communication, mail and other services.

We can also offer a range of logistics services tailored to your needs through our partner company, TPG Logistics.


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